Sunday, January 30, 2011


It is my pleasure to begin this story and hopefully bring you something that will make you smile and inspire you the way so many things inspire me. Such a variety of things influence me, and I decided that it was high time I began to more clearly bring those elements together and to put them into practice in my life. Here, I will share those various images, stories, recipes, thoughts and more.

I am discovering that my aesthetic (and I mean that in a broad, encompassing, "life" sense) is a conglomerate of nature, magic, and whimsy. I like to examine old ways and things, and mix them with fresh and cheerful elements. It's perhaps harder to describe than it is to simply show you.

I am looking forward to sharing my little corner of the world and the place I'm making in it. Thank you for joining me here, and I hope you find something to bring a little happiness to your life today!

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