Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Rose!

I am so terribly excited! I got my very first rose (that I am picking and planting myself)!

It's called a Joseph's Coat, it's a climber (my favorite!) and is supposed to have a floral-fruity scent. I've actually been admiring one for years on a person's fence here in my city and said a million times I should just ask them what kind it is. When I saw the picture on the label, I knew this was it! They start out one color, then as they age they turn all kinds of tones, as you can see above. It's gorgeous.

Now if only it would get warm enough to plant! The poor thing thinks it's happy in the warm kitchen and is trying to sprout already! If you have a favorite type of rose - any kind - I'd love to hear about it! I really want to plant lots!

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