Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Went to the Quilt Show!

Every year, Hampton, VA's coliseum hosts a really inspiring quilt show. Now, I don't quilt - I barely sew, just buttons and hems! - but if you appreciate art and beautifully handcrafted items, it's a wonderful place to spend a day. Every year my mother, aunt and I try and make it down. We look forward to it all year long. This year only my aunt and I were available, and we had such a blast!

The sheer variety of subject matter, colors, patterns, and general creativity at this event is almost overwhelming. If you think quilts are simply squares of fabric sewn together, think again. People dye their own fabrics, design outrageous motifs, create three dimensional elements, craft wearable items, make dolls - I could go on and on. And because you end up so inspired by the end, it's a good thing there's lots of shopping! Whether you want fabric (all kinds, from silk to sack cloth), yarn, wool roving, felt, beads, or something else, it's all there! I came home with a bagful of goodies to make dog collar covers, lamp shades and wool ornaments for my upcoming Easter Tree.

But enough about that. How about some eye candy?

 This pattern is called "Sunbonnet Sue", a pretty traditional motif. People like to have a lot of fun with her. Here, she's exploring her various hobbies. My aunt and I totally cracked up! Some close ups:

This tea and cupcakes themed quilt was so sweet. I loved it!

This one was my aunt's favorite. It just makes you smile!

This one was one of the top prize winners. Isn't it incredible? I'd never seen a portrait quilt before. Check out the closeup:

This one looked like a watercolor painting:

This sheep quilt was my very favorite of the day! I adore sheep, and I love how the quilter made them so three dimensional and fuzzy! And aren't the embroidered wildflowers just beautiful?

These little beaded bowls were amazing, and so tiny!

Here are some of the wearable art pieces we saw. The shawl was such a stunner - sadly, they were out of the pattern - and I was ready to wear the cape home!

It was such a great day! We were both so inspired and can't wait to start some fun new projects. I'm sure we've soaked up enough inspiration to last another year!

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